The King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud International Centre for Promotion of Dialogue, Cultural Exchange and Education


Two years have elapsed since the International Centre for Promotion of Dialogue, International Exchange and Education began its activity. During this time the Centre was developing its activity regulary and became a real centre for inhabitants of Janikowo. Always we can expect much more, but it was very successful time for the Centre, we can say fairly. Important is not only what we did but most of all huge perspectives for further development. Previous activity let us gain a strong position in cultural life of inhabitants of Janikowo area. We hope that this achievment will be also a starting point for bigger and adventurous initiatives, for further activity of our inhabitants and finally- for further development of our relations with national and foeign institutions.


The Centre was established as a result of very good relations between Janikowo Community and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and as result of happy ending story of Polish Siamese sisters, Daria and Olga who were successfully separated in Rijadh Hospital, in January, 2005. The Centre was established for promotion of dialogue between different cultures, what is absolutely necessary for improvement of the situation in today's world. Shortcomings in knowledge, new prejudice and stereotypes eliminate mutual contact, cognition and comprehension. We want „to bring the world nearer” by workshops, lectures, meetings with foreigners. We also organize foreign languages courses (English and German at the moment). To realize our mission we cooperate with another institutions- at the local (schools, libraries), national (culture institutions) and international level (foreign embassies and culture centres).


It was a very complicated surgery of Polish Siamese sisters, Daria and Olga Kołacz. In January 2005 two little girls were successfully separated in Rijadh, Saudi Arabia. The story of Polish twins from Janikowo had occured in internet, written there by twin's unckle Robert. As soon as King Abdullah found out the story he decided to invite the twins for surgery to Saudi Arabia. The surgery was guided by Dr Abdullah Al- Rabreeah and was finished successfully. All expenses of the surgery were paid by King Abdullah. We separated the twins, but we brought Poland and Saudi Arabia together. Daria and Olga became little ambassadors of our friendship- said Prof. Al-Rabreeah. One month later, Town Council in Janikowo gave King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al- Saud freedom of the city, what was the first instance in the history of Janikowo. In September 2005, when Prof. Al- Rabreeah was honoured by Polish president, Janikowo Town Council decided that a new institution will be established in Janikowo to develop mutual relations. This institution was to be named after King Abdullah. One month later Town Council decreed establishment of the King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al- Saud International Centre for Promotion of Dialogue, International Exchange and Education. Financial aid from Saudi Arabia was absolutely invaluable for establishment of the Centre. Thanks to this support, reconstruction of former school, the place of future Centre began. Less than two years later, guests from Saudi Arabia stunned again sponsoring equipment of the Centre. The solemn ceremony of opening the International Centre took place on 28 of August, 2008. The ceremony was attended by Ambassador of Saudi Arabia in Warsaw, Dr Nasser A. Albraik, who uncovered a memorial. The name of King Abdullah for new-opened institution was written there in three languages.